Eating great food is what I do and learning about the culture behind it is the best part.

Who, what, where, when, why????

So I always get asked what do you do?

“I am a Chef”

Oh, where at? I love cooking too! Do you watch food network…LOL!

Which leads to my story:

There comes a time when you must move forward.  I grow in my life by setting goals for myself.  It keeps me organized and centered on my goal, which is to be happy and live life to the fullest. “The Pursuit of Happiness” – being a believer that you shouldn’t stop learning. What better way to learn than to travel the World? World experience is looked highly upon by most employers and in general. People are always envious that you went to Italy or some other far away place.

An idea was hatched many years ago about traveling the world, packing a bag and seeing what I could find. That idea has come back to haunt me.

As I was attending culinary school and needed to make a decision on my internship site, I thought really hard about where to go. I couldn’t stay here in the US. I needed to be really challenged.  Going outside the norm and many other people’s comport zones, I jumped into the deep starting my worldly journey into culinary.

I came up with an idea to go to Italy. That’s where the hunger started!

Food is what brings us as humans together at a cultural level.

My Mission is to research the flow of food.  Do you know the origins of food?

Example: Where do certain herbs originate?  Cilantro is called Cilantro in S. America, but in Asia it’s called Coriander.  Did you know that?

I want to travel the entire world, learning about seasonality and the vast range of ingredients while learning how to use them.  Traveling to Asia, to learn noodle making, combining what I know from Italian noodles and creating something new. Traveling to France, learning how to make a traditional Baguette and become a bread master. I want to go back to Italy and learn how to make fresh Mozzarella and Salumi!

Being of Italian and Lebanese decent, I want to see how their cuisines have evolved with the use and availability of different ingredients.  Many communities, throughout the world were born from these cultures.

This is a grassroots & research development project to better myself in my profession.  Traveling by myself, I will create a path that will compass around the world and back by blogging my adventures, so you might be able to experience my travels through a Chef’s eyes. Working in professional kitchens, family homes or out in the wild I will be learning the art that brings us together.

Language isn’t a barrier when there is fire, a pot and great ingredients.

In the end of it all, I would like to find an opportunity to open my own restaurant based on my travels.

Who knows what else will happen along the way…………………………………Keep Eating.

Now that is Chef recommended!

The Traveling Cowboy Chef

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