Travel List

Ok so here is the worldly list set for the Cowboy’s trail!  Ok..Ok I know it’s a lot, I mean how much can someone do in a lifetime!  As I travel I will knock them off the list and do my best to complete.   Who knows what will happen!?

Places in RED are places I have been to so far:

ASIA: Bejing S. AMERICA: Antigua and Barbuda EURO :Scotland
ASIA: India S. AMERICA: Argentina EURO: Albania
ASIA: Guam S. AMERICA: Belize EURO: Andorra
ASIA: Hong Kong S. AMERICA: Bolivia EURO: Armenia
ASIA: Tokyo S. AMERICA: Brazil EURO: Austria
ASIA: Seoul S. AMERICA: Chile and Ester Island EURO: Belgium
ASIA: Kuala lumpur S. AMERICA: Colombia EURO: Bosnia Herzegovina
ASIA: Laos S. AMERICA: Dominican Republic EURO: Bulgaria
ASIA: Mongolia S. AMERICA: Ecuador EURO: Croatia
ASIA: Mumbai S. AMERICA: El Salvador EURO: Czech Republic
ASIA: Indonesia S. AMERICA: French West Indies EURO: Denmark
ASIA: Philippines S. AMERICA: Grenada EURO: Estonia
ASIA: Shanghai S. AMERICA: Guatemala EURO: Finland
ASIA: Singapore S. AMERICA: Honduras EURO: France
ASIA: Sri Lanka S. AMERICA: Jamaica EURO: Germany
ASIA: Taipei S. AMERICA: Mexico EURO: Gibraltar
ASIA: Thailand S. AMERICA: Nicaragua EURO: Greece
ASIA: Vietnam S. AMERICA: Panama EURO: Iceland
ASIA: Kolkuta S. AMERICA: Peru EURO: Ireland
ASIA: Bangladesh S. AMERICA: Puerto Rico EURO: Italy
ASIA: Nepal S. AMERICA: Trinidad & Tobago, Arab community EURO: Kyrgyzstan
ASIA: Bali S. AMERICA: Uruguay,  Italian community EURO: Liechtenstein
S. AMERICA: Venezuela EURO: Lithuania
MIDDLE EAST:  Oman EURO: Luxembourg
MIDDLE EAST: Cyprus E. AUSTALIA: New Zealand EURO: Malta
MIDDLE EAST: Djibouti E. AUSTRALIA: Cook Islands EURO: Moldova
MIDDLE EAST: Egypt E. AUSTRALIA: Fiji EURO: Netherlands
MIDDLE EAST: Ethiopia E. AUSTRALIA: French Polynesia EURO: Norway
MIDDLE EAST: Georgia EURO: Poland
MIDDLE EAST: Israel N. AMERICA: Canada EURO: Portugal
MIDDLE EAST: Jordan EURO: Romania
MIDDLE EAST: Kuwait S. AFICA: South Africa EURO: Russia
MIDDLE EAST: Lebanon S. AFRICA: Lesotho EURO: Serbia and Montenegro
S. AFRICA: Mozambique EURO: Slovak Republic
MIDDLE EAST: Qatar S. AFRICA: Reunion EURO: Slovenia
MIDDLE EAST: Tunisia S. AFRICA: Rwanda EURO: Spain
MIDDLE EAST: Turkey EURO: Sweden
MIDDLE EAST: Iraq EURO: Switzerland
MIDDLE EAST: United Arab Emirates EURO: Ukraine
MIDDLE EAST: Yemen EURO: United Kingdom
MIDDLE EAST:Hungary EURO: Morocco