Please welcome guest Blogger, Journalist & Foodie………Nikka Corsino!

Here is a recent article written by a lovely young lady; as this is the first guest writer posting featured on my blog!!! Please also see here site for her wonderful writings & Photo’s @ NIKKA’S NOTES   WRITINGS AND MUSINGS. THOUGHTS AND NOTES. The following was originally published at the Baguio Chronicle, November 6-12 […]

Colorful food porn, with plates Henri Matisse would envy! The Grey Plume!

My first stop on my culinary world tour!!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for a brief background, I am actually working in this restaurant which is called a “stage”, eating, doing a chef interview and writing my experiences to share with you!!!!! Enjoy!!! Ohh…I must also start by apologizing for some issues in clarity with some pictures.  I did the best […]

Lookout restaurants……….check your emails now……………you might be getting my press release!!!!!!!

*** PRESS RELEASE***   Chef John Wayne “The Duke” Formica, “The Traveling Cowboy Chef” Will be in your city starting on ??????? Launching his latest media project.   “The Traveling Cowboy Chef blog; A World Tour of Award Winning Restaurants” will give guests a back of the house perspective on the hard work and talent […]