Please welcome guest Blogger, Journalist & Foodie………Nikka Corsino!

Here is a recent article written by a lovely young lady; as this is the first guest writer posting featured on my blog!!! Please also see here site for her wonderful writings & Photo’s @ NIKKA’S NOTES   WRITINGS AND MUSINGS. THOUGHTS AND NOTES. The following was originally published at the Baguio Chronicle, November 6-12 […]

And now for something completely different..Pinoy Mango Mousse, a short film on plating Mango Mousse; recipe included! Noone was hurt during the filming of this; please disregard me licking my fingers while plating this, it’s really good; sanitation error, I hope I dont loose my licence..GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INSPIRATION: Found behind every corner!!!!!! Inspired to do this based off an avocado Mousse I learned from my Chef Rodelio Aglibot @ Sunda! I can now call this version my own! Philippines is known for having the best Mango’s in the world, I had to represent true Pinoy Authenticity here representing such a wonderful fruit! Pinoy Mango […]

And now for something completely different: Culture Shock and the rantings of a Cowboy!

Culture Shock, we all experience it when we travel to places unknown to us with different people and cultures!  Some familiar to your own and others just break the social bubble and comfort zones, you might be accustom to…….read on!!!!! Getting ready to take my adventure into the world, I had many supporters; on the flip side I also […]