Culinary “BOH” Consulting


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New Concepts and Current Concept Maintenance:
A plan, and Idea with Vision is what you need, I will help and evaluate the feasibility of your new business venture. Menu Design, execution and training plans constructed to your specifications.

“You cannot fix what you don’t know is broken”

Proper evaluation time for existing concepts to pinpoint area’s of opportunity to minimize loss prevention.




Food and Menu Development:Image result for kitchen prep

While your business continues to run, I will work behind the scenes within the team to develop and or sustain restaurant menu design to achieve great reviews while maintaining productivity, efficiency and profitability.  New strategies and operational material will be presented for maximum results.





Sanitation and Safety:

“A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen”

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This is a service that more often than not, may be looked over, although it only takes one situation to ruin your business. I can will provide proven systems and procedures that will protect you from situations that may cause more than just inconvenience. Having a clean and organized kitchen creates better workflow and consistency for staff that overall is seen within any concept.




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Mentoring, Training and Development of Current or New Staff:

“Communication is key to success”

Your teammates need to be up to date on all aspects of the business, from the server to the manager. I can create a custom “SOP” process that achieves this, holding all accountable and more importantly, motivated! Starting with a teammates first training session to setting up shift meetings to keep developing skills and knowledge. You will notice a difference and will see the success by great online reviews and increasing the amount of loyal guests week after week.