OK…..So I have been wanting to do this for some time and I don’t know why it has taken me so long to do so.  This is one of my specializations. Curing, preserving, smoking of meats and fish!  These are age-old techniques that date back to the times when refrigerators weren’t even a thought on […]

How A Bachelor Cooks Dinner….

I remember the days of old when I was a bit younger and living alone for the first time.   I was stationed @ Fort Bragg, North Carolina in my 1st Army posting. Dinner use to consist of Cheddar Ramen with everyone’s favorite culinary tool the microwave; or what is also called in the culinary world […]

Dinner over the weekend!

Its been some time since I have cooked Italian. So it’s time to do it up! Also having someone to share it with means there is no better reason. I love a guinea pig. LOL! Oh and I cannot for get the wine!

Snow days!

So, by now you know chicago just had a top 3 record breaking snow storm.  It was crazy! By the time we dug out, walking down the street was like walking through a cooridor. Anyway, it got me thinking! How can we utalize snow as food? For survival, it can be a clean source of […]

Sounds fishy!

Here is the completed dish I have been raving about! Its with ponzu,and spicy grated daikon, delish! In fact i just got off another long day at work, now sitting at the bar with a warm Jameson and a kirin waiting for my special sashimi dish!  But thats life!