Stand by! Moving and a lot going on!

Things are hectic and I must apologies about not writing in a few.  I will be able to start writing again on Monday.  There are a few post that will be rolling out next week and be more frequent.  Moving and my plans set are taking up some time so Please be patient!   Thanks so much!  

And now for something completely different! It’s another addition of what I had for dinner.

I love cooking Italian, so that means it’s pasta night!  Traditionally growing up pasta night was Sunday.  Well any night can be a pasta night and I am gonna share it with you! Pasta and seafood go great together, so this was a main inspiration for this dish!  This is a healthy tasty dish you […]

Butchers…Butchers…We don’t need no Stinking Butchers, or do we?!?!?

Well I guess you might want to know where this is going, and some of you know where I am going.  I mean what is up with butchers, where have they gone????  How many of you can think of where one is besides the horrible counters at Jewel or Dominic’s?  Too many times, my family or myself […]

Your a Lush……I’m a Lush……Meet me at LUSH!!!!!!!!!!

Getting off late and trying to make a deadline can be challenging, let alone writing a self bio!!!!!! I decided that going home wouldn’t be the best option, due to the many distractions;  Xbox, TV, taking a shower and losing all ambitions by relaxing at home.  I decided to go out, find a nice place I could sip […]