Origins! Whats in a name……Traveling Cowboy Chef???

My name is John Wayne “The Duke” Formica Given to me by my father and his love for the famous American actor.  I grew up under a large shadow that couldn’t be lived down. Growing up I was picked on, so martial arts toughened me up to defend myself. In the military, demanding and generating much respect to and from all in recognition […]

Poblano chili’s stuffed with cheese, battered and deep fried……..Oh my! Chili Rellenos!

So every now and then I love Mexican food! One of my favorite dishes is Chili Rellenos! What could not be good about chili’s stuffed with cheese and batter fried?????? Ohh……………….Did I mention mine are beer battered this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starter Batter: I like to use yeast with my fried batters.  I find that you get […]

Waiting in line to take flight within Grant Achatz’s Aviary!

So finally getting my affairs together I have wanted to write this post for some time. Here it finally is and I hope my posts from here out will be more frequent! It’s opening day for this new highly anticipated hotspot, as I awoke from a twitter message from Chef Achatz that Aviary will open its doors […]

And now for another segment of what I had for Dinner!

So I was inspired to make some stuffed pasta tonight from my recent visit to “The Grey Plum” in Omaha, Nebraska! I did so for Sunday Funday and blew my family away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     During my Stage @ “The Grey Plum” I contributed in making their oxtail Angliotte. Tonight for dinner I made one of […]

US travel map….Follow me on my Iron Horse!!

Officially saddling up and leaving Chicago on Monday, May, 9th 2011. Hitting select restaurants on my trail, with knife in hand. I will be working, interviewing the Chef and trying menu creations to share with you! This is why I am The Traveling Cowboy Chef! View Full Size Travel Map at Travellerspoint