Back to School! Not with Rodney Dangerfield! Though might have been fun with him…….NO…….Guest Chef @ The University of Baguio, Philippines!!!!

Since working in my past few restaurants I have found myself mentoring more and more young aspiring cooks and chef’s!  The though of actually teaching never really entered my mind!  Going back to school?  Younger years, school wasn’t my strong suit, I mean I barely graduated High School!  Flash forward, attending college @ Le Cordon Bleu Chicago […]

New beginnings: Family, Friends, People!!!! The meaning of Worldly Travels, Food, Drink, Culture and Life!!!!

Coming to the end of my USA road trip, having seen so many beautiful things along the road.  I worked, cooked, wrote, rode, vacationed, partied, visited with family & friends, ate and ate again.  As I plan to venture into Asia for the first time; People ask me…… aren’t you afraid? What about the things going on in […]

And now for another segment of something completely different! A quick bite of the Philippines Part 1………..

So I have found myself yearning to get into Asia, learning so much from my last restaurant that broke me into the Asian food seen; I just had to experience it for myself first hand! What better place to start; the Philippines! To add to this I will be meeting some friends along the way […]

Colorful food porn, with plates Henri Matisse would envy! The Grey Plume!

My first stop on my culinary world tour!!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for a brief background, I am actually working in this restaurant which is called a “stage”, eating, doing a chef interview and writing my experiences to share with you!!!!! Enjoy!!! Ohh…I must also start by apologizing for some issues in clarity with some pictures.  I did the best […]

Lookout restaurants……….check your emails now……………you might be getting my press release!!!!!!!

*** PRESS RELEASE***   Chef John Wayne “The Duke” Formica, “The Traveling Cowboy Chef” Will be in your city starting on ??????? Launching his latest media project.   “The Traveling Cowboy Chef blog; A World Tour of Award Winning Restaurants” will give guests a back of the house perspective on the hard work and talent […]