Here we go again

It’s been a while!  I know…I know, 3 years and 10 restaurants and I’m at the end of 2015.  Sitting here at an airport and contemplating my next move and trying to climb the latter fulfilling my future hopes and dreams of success. Here I am returning home to Chicago from a family visit, kind of vacation to pack for a new adventure.

Two days from now I embark on a new travel excursion,  we will call “The return to Italy!”

My family is from there, training there in 2007 and never though I would be returning so soon.  It hasn’t really hit me but under the skin I’m excited for what is to come.  Hoping to look forward to some interesting work opportunities, fun blogging and European travel excursions.  To include whatever ounce in a lifetime shinagans I can get into.  I have picked up a client to help shape up an existing restaurant and open up to 5 more new places from Salerno to Rome.  In my down time I hope to hang out at unique places to learn and grow, including traveling and experiencing what Europe has to offer on another level.

This will be a fun adventure…….. Worldly travels, food, drink, culture and life!

Almost forgot, I got to brush up on some Italian.

Until then Ciao!!


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