And now for something completely different: What the heck is going on???

Hello all!

I figured this is a good time to post some recent happenings going on with the Cowboy. So here goes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living in a HOTEL

Currently settled in Baguio, Philippines.  Due to some recent opportunities and money running very thin I figured I could chill for a while, this is my hub as I continue my Asia travels.


I hope I get paid for that plug……..LOL!

My pillows are lumpy….BOO!!!!

A chef @ WORK

Consulting chef for Forest House Bistro, doing some menu revamp and creations. November, 2nd starting as Guest Chef Instructor @ the University of Baguio for the new semester. To include doing my hobby @ playing music as a DJ around town especially at a nightclub called HEX in the Nevada square. No longer taking the post as a chef of a new restaurant in Asia, the offer just didn’t fit me, though consulting for them in some recipe transcription. I have had a few offers here and there, also some other things in the wind, but nothing definite. To end it all trying hard to keep my website updated, I am a little behind……………………………whew!!!!!!!

In the MEDIA

 Featured in a few newspaper articles with some more coming, so I am getting good press…fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As much as I love it here and to travel the world, am a little homesick of the USA.  6 months on the road, 2 USA, 4 ASIA! It’s just the little creature comforts that I have grown accustom to and the sheer appreciation I have for them. The short list: Missing my XBox (New Assassins Creed), movie theaters that have all you want butter and salt, TACO’S (I would kill for a decent taco), dance clubs where people actually dance…..ummmmm EL JIMADORE TEQUILA & other cool liquor brands, NON-MSG SNACK FOODS!!! Let’s face it, things are different: It’s like a retro rewind, about 20-30 years, especially in food.  Lamb with mint jelly?????  Still in a bit of culture shock coming from a culinary epicenter and seeing where everyone else is in the world, don’t expect to see any foams or Maltodextrin items around soon where I am at.  That isn’t a bad thing though, the concept of open fresh market’s show that the USA is behind!  I love going to the market and getting everything I need for the day and know it’s fresh non GMO product. The food tastes that much better! Coming up with Idea’s for new dishes, I play with everything; cooking straight simple, flavorful food, how it should be!


"Woked" Tamarind Prawns


Pinoy Blackened Catfish with Squash purée













Indo Chicken wings with Ginger Chili dip

Asian Beer braised Fish!












Pinoy Sweet style Gnocchi!


Classically Creamed Gnocchi with dash of Nutmeg and HIT of Pesto!















The Philippines Part 2: The Search for Balut (NOT SPOCK)

Vietnam Part 1: It’s like plating “Frogger” in the old days

Vietnam Part 2: The Drunken Travels of the Traveling Cowboy Chef & Captain Cook

My Stage @ Cholon in Denver, Co. (Don’t have a cool title yet)

My Stage @ Forest House in Baguio, Philippines (Also title is work in progress)

ANOTHER RANT: Making yourself indispensable in the workplace through diversity and work ethic: Some Philosophy to live by!




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