And now for something completely different..Pinoy Mango Mousse, a short film on plating Mango Mousse; recipe included! Noone was hurt during the filming of this; please disregard me licking my fingers while plating this, it’s really good; sanitation error, I hope I dont loose my licence..GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INSPIRATION: Found behind every corner!!!!!!

Inspired to do this based off an avocado Mousse I learned from my Chef Rodelio Aglibot @ Sunda! I can now call this version my own!

Philippines is known for having the best Mango’s in the world, I had to represent true Pinoy Authenticity here representing such a wonderful fruit!

Pinoy Mango Mousse: Featured Dessert @ Media event with

Forest House: Baguio, Philippines

**Me making Mango Puree**

Fresh Mango Puree

 4 ripe Mango

*wash and peel mango

*cut mango up / squeeze pit to get all juice and flesh into bowl

*add flesh /juice to blender / blend well (until smooth)

*strain through fine wire mesh strainer

*Store / use

**Straining the Mango Pure**

**Final Mango Puree, silky smooth**


Fresh Mango Puree

1 quart of heavy whipping cream

1 1/2 cups white granulated sugar

5ea sheeted gelatin

*whip cream and sugar to hard peak

 *bloom gelatin in cold water till soft

*squeeze gelatin to get water out, put into pot and melt on low heat

*combine gelatin into mango purée, mix; mango purée into whipped cream

*you now have mango mousse

*store / refrigerate


From here you may go as you please! Here is exactly how I composed the dish on the menu to make it Pinoy Authentic! 2 more items are needed;

*Sago, which is tapioca pearls (You can buy already cooked or you might have to do yourself)

**Red and Purple Sago**

*Granita, which is a simple recipe made up of a flavor component, simple syrup then frozen.  This is popular in italy but I see it being used often around the world.

I choose Longan for this recipe: Similarly related to (See article here) >>>>>>>>>>Lychee & Rambutan 


Longan Granite   

1 bunch longan pureed & strained (peel, and pitted)

4 cups water

1 cups simple syrup

*Combine all in a bowl with a whisk.

*Strain into a hotel pan / into freezer (or pour into desired container)

*I choose a glass*

*Stir with a fork after 30 minutes, and allow to freeze

*When frozen, scrape with a fork

 Short Film


Finished product

**Plated product, Granita frozen in glass, Sago pearl, Mousse, Mango purée on top**


******SALAMAT: To the Forest House Crew for letting me invade your restaurant & kitchen!

Keep eating!!!!!!!!!!! 

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