Meat and Potatoes couldn’t be so good………..Coming into Fruition with some Sheep, Restaurant and a Farm??????


Look!!!!! It’s a Restaurant……..No……’s a Farm……..No……’s a Dairy…….How about, All of the above!

Who would have though a Chef could carry out so much and manage a family?

Just ask Chef Alex Seidel for some pointers!!!!!!!!! Open for 4 years and going strong as the Chef’s 1st restaurant attempt as Chef owner!

My parents recently relocated to Denver, Colorado, so naturally it became a destination spot for me early on in my travels!  Of all places Denver doesn’t seem to be on any known food mapsYET! After some research I found that it has a budding culinary scene, I had to check it out for myself!

Enter the restaurant, right into the Dining room:

Walking into the door you are exposed to the dining room to the left and the bar, that goes into the kitchen to the right. The restaurant accommodates about 52 with a small kitchen, where pure magic is created with the plates flying out the window……..Service!!!!!!!!

The room has warming colors of burgundy, light and dark woods with lightly focused paintings. Casual, inviting and cozy…..perfect for a nice meal on a beautiful Denver night!
You can expect nothing but great table service from its well versed and trained staff by Co-Owner/Maitre D’ Paul Attardi as well!
Enter the kitchen:
The kitchen is of a smaller size that I have encountered through my travels.  Careful menu planning is warranted for proper execution and consistency.
Suited with a 5 man line, 1 hot app, 1 garde mange, 1 sauté and 1 grill, as the Chef holds down expo in the center.  Standard kitchen equipment is found with no Circulator or fancy Paco Jet in sight!  Here they just cook!
 As my first impression was, WOW this is a clean operation that focuses on technique, consistency with attention to detail, going old school with a culinary team that has a true love and passion for the art that they do of cooking great, clean, consistent food!
A Chef at work:
As I reported for duty I found Sous Chef Matthew Vawter doing some prep work, Chef Seidel isn’t in yet. Ok, what can I do to help? Family meal!!!! Great what do we got to use? Bits of pork and beef……how about a nice Pasta Bolognese!!!!  Simple. quick, hearty!!!!
As the sauce was cooking down I continued on, and started some prep work!  Ramps…….Flash back>>>>> Didn’t I just do this at The Grey Plume?!?!  Anyway Ramps away! OUI CHEF!
Food glorious food:
What can I say?  The food speaks for itself……….approchable comfort food found here! Also Fruition Dairy’s Ricotta and house made Duck prosciutto………Oh My!!!!!!!!
Some proteins found like Pork tenderloin, Duck, Tuna, to name a few accompanied by a wide use of potato. Confit fingerlings, potato wrapped oyster then deep fried for oyster Rockefeller, potato string gallette, yukon and crimini duexell piped into potato canalone.
Veggies from Fruition farm, frisee, arugala, brussel sprouts, ramps, lightly grilled, to accompany and bring colors to the dishes that come alive…….YUM! See for yourself below……………….DINNER:
Who could forget the DESSERT………..House made goodness!
To make my time complete I even had a day at the farm! Making cheese, playing with bees, sheep, even tending to a green house garden!
Chef Seidel is a self-taught pioneer of Sheep milk cheese making! Fruition Dairy distributes to several stores in the Denver area: Ricotta and Cacio Pecora are available!
The farm works not only with the staff of Fruition restaurant, they work with Interns as well for graduation requirements. The farm has bees, sheep, chickens and soon pigs!  It grows a variety of micro greens, and a plethora of delectable veggies sold to restaurants in the area!
Fruition farm and dairy:

Lights, Camera, Action:

Chef Interview:

Duke: What made you decide to become a chef?

Chef Seidel: It was a way to get thought college, that I thoroughly enjoyed after working in the industry for several years! So I became a chef!

Duke: What is your menu inspiration?

Chef SeidelSophisticated, comfort food, clean and approachable that is good for everyone!

Duke: Something random?

Chef Seidel: Never stops learning, works the farm and dairy which also uses it to motivate and teach his staff.

*Chef Seidel is also an avid, fellow motorcycle rider!

Duke: What advice would you offer to aspiring chef’s?

Chef SeidelHave patience, take your time!

Meat and potatoes as comforting yet can still be refined into Fruition!  From farm to plate is the true art found at this restaurant and I will be back for more, so should you!
Time to Clean down, Chef Style!
Thanks to the Fruition team for letting me pass by!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Cooking!!!!!!!

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