And now for something completely different: Culture Shock and the rantings of a Cowboy!

Culture Shock, we all experience it when we travel to places unknown to us with different people and cultures!  Some familiar to your own and others just break the social bubble and comfort zones, you might be accustom to…….read on!!!!!

Getting ready to take my adventure into the world, I had many supporters; on the flip side I also had many that thought it was a bad idea!  A common topic was that I should get married and just have a family, not go romp through the world! Thanks to the Grandparents!!!!  I am finding this pressure felt through-ought the world.

In Asia, some of the first questions are “How old are you?” “30“, “So young, are you married, have children? Then surprised that I am neither! Then it happens, I start getting hooked up!  “I have a friend, or my friend’s daughter!”   You want to marry a local woman? OMG!

Other fun facts:

Department stores in the Philippines is like walking into the twilight zone!  So many workers, 1 person per aisle and they all ask you if you need help! MamSir….Sir…Sir, my head is spinning!  As you walk away do not look back……….All of them are staring right at you with the biggest smile, CREEPY!!!!!

Walking around after dark in the Philippines by  the mall or by the bars being followed by who know’s…….real woman looking to get married, hookers, lady boys??????? Behind you u hear “excuse me” in a very soft tone as to keep oblivious from anyone else around that they are trying to pick you up! I have even been manhandled…………A story for another time! “Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get!” LOL!

In Vietnam I would have to say what bothers me is the constant staring of curiosity with a bit of spite or attitude toward others than themselves!

Trying to walk in Vietnam = constantly being bothered by motorbike guys on the corner that will sometimes follow you……………………..

“You want motorbike?”

“No, just walking!”

“Where you go?”

“That way!”

“Massage, boom boom?”



****** Pause and think hard about that one……!! “No, I am just walking?”

I then think about…….Monty Python and Holy Grail>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<<<<<<<<<Don’t forget to eat some great street food while your at it>>>>>>>>>>

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