New segment: Things that go YUM…Into my mouth! Eat your heart out!

SO……….It has occurred to me that I have found myself taking pictures of me holding things in my hand before I eat them! While going through and editing pictures, I found a trend that inspired me to come up with this segment.  I will keep growing this piece moving forward from now on and make it a point to capture them for your viewing delight! Here ya go………

Fresh Sugarcane juice!


Bo Bia Ngot, Sweet coconut rice paper roll!
















Vietnamese rice field rat, wok tossed with lemongrass! Yum....It is actually good, great fat layer with tender flesh! Dip with salt, pepper and Lime

Fresh turmeric, 1st time I have seen it fresh! related to ginger family, most common form is dry powdered! Use to add vibrant color to any dish.....add too much it tastes like mustard!













The Real Cookie Monster...Nice, warm and soft Chocolate Chip! I requested these from my Pastry Chef Roberta, she made mine very big!!!

Warm and fresh egg tart in Hong Kong! They were amazing and oozed with warm filling and the crust so flakey!!













Street Egg Shaped Waffle! Great snack for walking the streets of Hong Kong!!

Warm Goat Cheese Curd @ Fruition Dairy Farm!












Inside of Thai Rose Apple!


Thai Rose Apple, It reminds me more of celery texture and not as sweet as a regular apple! Never seen before...unique item!!!! All over Asia!!












Chicharrón... Philippines - tsitsaron (a derivative of the Spanish word chicharrón), as it is spelled in Filipino. This dish is usually bought from balut vendors as pulutan. It is prepared by deep-frying the dried pork rind with a little salt. It is sometimes eaten with vinegar, chopped chilis in vinegar or with bagoong, lechón! Vendors will sell on busses if you travel!

Yes I like Balut! These should be eaten best around 17 Day! This is a fertilized duck egg, the form of the baby duck is present...bone structure hasn't really formed yet to also eaten more mature..probably not as fun! Delicacy in Philippines! I like them... reminds me of salted duck eggs!
















Street Dim Dum, Hong Kong! Sui mai and Hargow..Yum!

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