Back to School! Not with Rodney Dangerfield! Though might have been fun with him…….NO…….Guest Chef @ The University of Baguio, Philippines!!!!

Since working in my past few restaurants I have found myself mentoring more and more young aspiring cooks and chef’s!  The though of actually teaching never really entered my mind!  Going back to school?  Younger years, school wasn’t my strong suit, I mean I barely graduated High School!  Flash forward, attending college @ Le Cordon Bleu Chicago was the complete opposite.  Dean’s list, top of class with graduating GPA of 3.9; what happened? I grew up and figured out what I wanted in life, at 26 it was about time!

In the Philippines as I travel, meeting so many people within the hospitality industry, especially here in Baguio; learning that with all the restaurants and universities, that Baguio is a culinary epicenter! As I got to know Ari, the owner of Forest House, his wife is a main administrative/teacher within the hospitality program @ The University of Baguio, Philippines!  Throwing around the idea of being a guest chef @ the university came about.  I though this could be fun!

I was asked to do a talk about “Influences of Ethnic Cultures on Food Service specifically on Introduction to Ethnic Cookery”, based off my travels and my experience; To include preparation of a dish of my choosing!  As organized as I am, I started creating a powerpoint presentation……… in the end I didn’t want to bore everyone with something like this; I also started to bore myself while doing it!!!!!! DELETED!!!!  I decided to just go with what I know and try to create an interactive fun environment, in essence be my goofy “PG” self!!!! (Some of you know what I mean) 

For the dish I wanted to do something fun and interactive that could demonstrate different cooking techniques and be simple.  In my recent trip to Hong Kong, I was inspired by a salad I had eaten there @ Yun Fu Restaurant!

Chilled Lamb Salad, placed @ table and you are instructed to toss it all together!

>>>>Menu for University of Baguio Chef Demo…….2 aug, 2011<<<<

Cleansing Salad of Earth Citrus Herb with Signature…Prusuitto wrapped prawn

Ingredient list:  
Common food items:

*Sea Salt *Fresh Ground Black Pepper *Sugar

*********Cleansing Salad of: Earth Citrus Herb ***** Plate items together and separate by item, mix at table to be interactive!!!!!!!!

Emulsified Dalandan Vin.

*Olive oil *Fresh Oranges like Dalandan *Cilantro *S&P *Sugar

Salad prep

 *Carrots- Julienne *Red Thai Chili- whole for garnish *Red onion- Julienne *Cilantro – whole sprigs *Red & Green & Yellow peppers – julienne *Mint – leaves 

*Bean Sprouts – whole *Pencil Asparagus – cut in half on bias, blanch and shock *Watercress – whole sprigs

************Signature…Prosuitto wrapped prawn **********

Marinade for shrimp

*Lemon *evoo *S&P *Cilantro minced

Shrimp prep

*Fresh Head on Prawn – Peel & Devein, marinate (10min.), wrap with prosuitto and skewer *Metal or wood skewer – If wood soak in water for at least 10min.     *Prosuitto (Sliced Thin)

Creating the Dalandan Vin.

Grilling the shrimp, Nice grill marks!











Interacting and teaching the students!

Through my eyes!









Plating the dish!

Composing individual salad!













Final plate!

Composed, individual plate!
















 Honored to receive Award from University Chef’s













To end it all I had a really great time!  This was a new experience for me in my professional development in this crazy thing that I do!  I am deeply honored and thankful  to everyone at the University of Baguio for inviting me into their world and letting me share this great art of being a Chef with their students and staff.  Doing so well, I have been asked to return back to do a 3 day culinary course; I am looking forward until that day!


*************See the University of Baguio write up here **************



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