New beginnings: Family, Friends, People!!!! The meaning of Worldly Travels, Food, Drink, Culture and Life!!!!

Coming to the end of my USA road trip, having seen so many beautiful things along the road.  I worked, cooked, wrote, rode, vacationed, partied, visited with family & friends, ate and ate again.  As I plan to venture into Asia for the first time; People ask me…… aren’t you afraid? What about the things going on in the world? Let’s face it there is a lot of bad going on, but to balance that, there is a lot of good too!


Old Friends

New Friends

What lies across the world? What are the people like? What do they eat? What is their culture like? The best answer is………They aren’t much different from ourselves!!!!!!!


People working hard in Hong Kong!

Humbled to have traveled a bit in Europe before and the Middle East while being deployed for the Army. As a person you come to learn to appreciate what you have back home and not take it for granted! What stays the same in comparison to back home in the world is people, and their basic needs.  Seeing first hand the rich and the poor, I greatly appreciate these experiences that make me a better person!  If you have never traveled or even been out of you own town…..shame on you!  The world is a great vast place to learn and expand on knowledge.  Many people love telling their stories and sharing their culture so be open to this as you travel.



Looking forward to voyage into new lands, new experiences, new cuisine, ingredients, culture and of course the people!

Worldly People!!



Keep eating world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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