Lookout restaurants……….check your emails now……………you might be getting my press release!!!!!!!



Chef John Wayne “The Duke” Formica, “The Traveling Cowboy Chef”

Will be in your city starting on


Launching his latest media project.


“The Traveling Cowboy Chef blog; A World Tour of Award Winning Restaurants” will give guests a back of the house perspective on the hard work and talent that goes into the creation of each dish.  Chef Formica achieves this through a one-day Stage session encompassing prep, service and menu tasting.  http://travelingcowboychef.com

A positive blog entry featuring your restaurant, complete with photos and an Executive Chef interview, is then featured on “The Traveling Cowboy Chef Blog”. This media project will be pitched for a follow-up book and Food Network Television Show.


If this media project is picked up as a Food Network show, your restaurant will be contacted for a follow-up visit.  This is a media project with a grassroots marketing benefit to your restaurant.  There is no compensation required.


Chef Formica’s recent career highlights include; Executive Sous Chef for Sunda New Asian (an Award winning Chicago restaurant), Sous Chef for C-House at Affinia Hotel (Chicago), and Chef De Partie for L’Abbate (Italy). He is a decorated Soldier (US Army), Le Cordon Bleu graduate and ICF Apprentice (Italian Culinary Federation).


Chef Formica is partially sponsored by Chef Wear.


One thought on “Lookout restaurants……….check your emails now……………you might be getting my press release!!!!!!!

  1. Where will you travel this time? I hope you will consider Prune restaurant In New York. The AOL Time Warner building which is where Per Se is located sounds impressive….
    Hope you’re doing well.

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