Poblano chili’s stuffed with cheese, battered and deep fried……..Oh my! Chili Rellenos!

So every now and then I love Mexican food! One of my favorite dishes is Chili Rellenos!

What could not be good about chili’s stuffed with cheese and batter fried??????

Ohh……………….Did I mention mine are beer battered this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starter Batter: I like to use yeast with my fried batters.  I find that you get more texture to your fried items…..CRUNCH!

*Combine 1 packet of dry active yeast with 1Tbl AP flour in a bowl (you are creating a sponge)

*Mix well

*Add enough body temp water to create paste (water must be around your body temp, no more or less) RESPECT the fact you are working with an organism!

*Cover with plastic and let bloom (about 15-20min) mass should double

Chili prep:

*Wash poblano and add to large bowl

*Sprinkle chili’s sparingly with canola oil and toss to coat

*Grill until blistered

*Add to bowl an cover (let steam for 10min)

*Peel skin from chili and discard, keep stem on!!

*Cut a slit on one side of pepper and remove seeds







*Queso Fresco, grated

*****I added can diced Jalapenos for more texture and spice

(you can choose whatever you would like to stuff with)

Stuffing the chili:

*Take cheese mixture and stuff into chili through slit you created

*******You do not need skewers to sew slit seams

*Stuff chili until you can fold seam over

*Let cool in cooler for 15 min

Prep fry pan:

*I used a deep cast iron pan, Cast iron has better heat distribution!

*You can use any deep pan or pot (make sure it is wide)

*Heat to 350degree

*Either peanut or canola oils are preferred

Finishing batter:

*Take your stater and add (either seltzer water or beer of your choice) about 12oz

(I used Shock Top….added a nice citrus note to batter)


******* carbonation helps batter maintain, a light textured batter with great crunch!!!!

Frying chili’s:

*In a plate add about 1Cup AP flour

* Dredge Chili’s in flour coating entire chili…………….Dredging the chili helps the batter stick!!!!!!

*Add to pre heated 350 degree oil

*Fry until “GBD” Golden brown and delicious!!!!!!

















Final product:

In conclusion a great product!!!!!

Add you own salsa at will….they will knock your socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bon appetite!

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