Waiting in line to take flight within Grant Achatz’s Aviary!

So finally getting my affairs together I have wanted to write this post for some time.

Here it finally is and I hope my posts from here out will be more frequent!

It’s opening day for this new highly anticipated hotspot, as I awoke from a twitter message from Chef Achatz that Aviary will open its doors @ 6pm, 1st come 1st serve! I knew I had to go experience this and get there ASAP, there will be a line!

Upon my arrival @ 3:30pm,  there was 4 people……line not so bad as everyone was tweeting about.  I found a nice little bar across the street called Dodo and camped out while drinking a few beers and talking to the owner about the culinary industry. The line began to grow!

5pm, I decided to get in line, which was about 30 deep.

5:45pm, line nearly doubled, doors open in 15min.

Being in line for such a time I came to know a few gents whom were fellow foodies! We bullshitted to pass the time, until….

6pm, in a weird way they were letting people in due to party size, I asked the guys if they would like to go with me to make us a 4 top.  As they started to let people in, I realized this wouldn’t be a normal bar experience! It seemed very exclusive, almost like a speakeasy!

7pm, finally was able to get in, going through a long entryway to the host stand you immediately meet the bar, which resembles a kitchen behind a cage, like going to the zoo.  I assume this was for protection to the staff from patrons bum-rushing the mixologists…LOL!

After being greeted by the hosts you are then directed to these hightop round tables with grass,there is an amuse drink nestled in the grass and it is then explained from there! “Strawberry/Beefeater” concoction of sorts…Yes please!

I am sure this changes daily.



After our amuse drink we went to our table.  The room wide open with cool shades of grey.  The only color was from a floral centerpiece and some green fern like plants atop of some shelves.



Our seats were big cozy chairs that spin (A bit retro) or a booth with a large round table in the center.



The room was a decent size to seat about 70 and setup more like a lounge than a normal bar.  Forget about going to the bar and ordering your usual red-bull vodka.  There is no beer but a fine choice of bourbon, mescal, cognac and other fine spirits!

Composed of some fine interactive cocktails, I counted 5 different types of ice shapes, ranging between different drinks, even a drink inside a sphere of ice!  On the drink menu there is a number of birds flying away from the selected drink, the meaning of this is this quite creative in the relation to complexity of the drink.  Further away the bird, the more complex……I started with the bird most furthest away!

Blueberry: Served in what looks like a large see through flask, within the colors of the rainbow,  the liquid darkens after each poor revealing a new layer of flavor until there is no more!

In the rocks: Being involved to interact with your food is a great thing, but with a drink…ok!  Encased in a sphere of ice is your liquor, the server delivers a tray with a bolt, rubber band and orange peel, now this looks confusing….see picture below!  I wonder how many broken glasses in experimentation and someone ordering this have occurred?

I could keep going on about the drinks but I will leave the rest up to you! On to the small bite menu!

In the words of Chef Rodelio Aglibot “The Food Buddha” , “I’ll have one of everything”!

That’s what we did!
















Foie Gras: Amazing, melts in your mouth.  I have to say this is a cross between a PB&J and a combo!

Brioche: Graham cracker meets an eclair trapped inside a bom bom…..Explosive!

To end it all, I had a wonderful time that will never be forgotten……meet some new friends, drank some great drinks and sampled some wonderful bites!

Here is a sample menu I would recommend, paired:

Drink                                                  Small Bites

Amuse                                                   Cantaloupe

Blueberry                                                  Pork Belly

In the rocks                                                Chowder

Truffle                                                       Wagyu

Rooibos                                                  Foie Gras


That’s Chef Recommended…….Keep eating and drinking!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Waiting in line to take flight within Grant Achatz’s Aviary!

  1. I liked your comments here, very descriptive, and despite the photos, the reader could visualize what you are saying. Keep all of your postings like this. A journal doesn’t compete, it is a summary for one day.
    Catchy and popular words don’t grab as much attention, everyone uses those.
    Achatz… Keep up your spelling and the good work Commander!

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