And now for another segment of what I had for Dinner!

So I was inspired to make some stuffed pasta tonight from my recent visit to “The Grey Plum” in Omaha, Nebraska! I did so for Sunday Funday and blew my family away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Grey Plume


During my Stage @ “The Grey Plum” I contributed in making their oxtail Angliotte.

Tonight for dinner I made one of my signature stuffed pasta dishes in my family kitchen!


Ricotta/arugula stuffed pillow pasta


Recipe for Pasta:

2 whole eggs

250g “00” flour

1/8c whole mile

********In a large bowl add flour

create a volcano creator

add eggs and milk

wish milk and eggs and slowly combine liquid into flour creating a dough

add extra flour if needed,the dough should not be tacky

wrap in plastic and rest for at least 15min.

Arugula prep:

6c fresh arugula

2c cup fresh ricotta

2T thin sliced garlic

1T red chili flake

1T evoo

1T unsalted butter

********Combine fats into med. heat sauté pan

add garlic and Chili flake

let sweat for at lest 10-15min. “Do not brown” control heat

add arugula and sweat until soft

remove contents & spread on tray too cool

Squeeze arugula mix amd mince (reserve liquid) “Lots of flavor to add to sauce!”

Pasta filling:

3c fresh ricotta “drained of any liquid”

all arugula prep “squeeze drained of liquid and minced”

salt to taste

evoo to taste

combine and mix well, season with salt and evoo to taste

Making pasta:

Pasta can be made by any filled technique; ravioli and angliotte, etc…………….

roll dough out until 2 or 1 setting depending on your attachement

use you known technique of finishing

store on tray with flour until use

Pasta can be cooked fresh or frozen until a later time of  1.5 month


The Chef's ricotta/arugula pasta pillows


Reserved Arugula liquid

1/8c fine minced shallot

1/2c white wine (something like a Chardonnay)

1 pint heavy whipping cream

1/4tsp fresh ground nutmeg

salt to taste

in saute pan med-high heat, add reserved liquid

then shallot, sweat till translucent (about 5min)

deglaze with wine, reduce by half

add cream, add nutmeg; reduce till coats back of spoon



cream sauce covered stuffed arugula ricotta pasta!

In boiling salted water pot “That tastes likt the sea”

add pasta and cook for 2 min.

add pasta to sauce pot with sauce and coat

serve enjoy!!!!!!!!


plated pasta with grilled romaine, zucchini and squash!

This can be served with a multitude of condiments………..I’ll keep that until next time!

My Mom and Dad said “It’s one of the best things I have come up with to date”

Keep Eating World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t forget to have a drink!

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