And now for something completely different! It’s another addition of what I had for dinner.

I love cooking Italian, so that means it’s pasta night!  Traditionally growing up pasta night was Sunday.  Well any night can be a pasta night and I am gonna share it with you!

Pasta and seafood go great together, so this was a main inspiration for this dish!  This is a healthy tasty dish you can make at home that the family will enjoy.  Omit the seafood and it’s vegetarian! I dont use any butter either! Very easy to make in any home; here is the recipe.

mixed seafood, diced tomato, onion, garlic, zucchini, squash, parsley, red chili flake

1 med. size yellow onion small dice

6 piece of garlic chopped

6 fresh roma tomato (also can be bought in a can diced) cut vine end off, score opposite end, blanch in boiling water until starts to peel then shock, peel skin off, cut in half, remove seeds, dice up

1 zucchini med. dice

1 yellow squash med. dice

1/2 bunch parsley Italian flat leaf chopped

1 bottle of white wine ( 2 cup for recipe and the rest is for you)

3 cup mixed seafood (IQF in you grocery store; best found in asian markets)

1 Tsp red chili flake (If you like heat add more)

1# of you fav. long type pasta (I will assume you know how to make pasta)

1/4 cup EVOO

In a large saute pan heat oil till smoking,  add onion and stir, add garlic and chili, cook till translucent

deglaze with wine and reduce by half, add tomato and cook until soft

add seafood and half parsley, add water if too tight

season with a little salt and pepper (if too acidic for you and needs balance add a pinch of sugar)

by this time you should have your water for your pasta already boiling that tastes like the sea

Tomato wine sauce

cook pasta, aldente!

add zucchini and squash, cook until soft yet still retaining crunch

pasta should be done, add pasta and remaining parsley

toss to coat evenly

Plate, enjoy!

Pasta with squash, zucchini and seafood in tomato wine sauce

Dont forget your wine, some bread and that special someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep eating, Chef recommended!

I even think my grandfather would love this one!

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