Your a Lush……I’m a Lush……Meet me at LUSH!!!!!!!!!!

Getting off late and trying to make a deadline can be challenging, let alone writing a self bio!!!!!! I decided that going home wouldn’t be the best option, due to the many distractions;  Xbox, TV, taking a shower and losing all ambitions by relaxing at home.  I decided to go out, find a nice place I could sip on some alcohol, and have some snacks. This is why I’m a total LUSH!  You might be one yourself…. crossing the border of being a drunk……. but not quite an alcoholic……..YET! You don’t go to meetings right?

Wine and spirit shops are a fun thing and they just keep popping up all over the place. They aren’t just places to buy,  beer, wine and spirits, anymore; these places are hosting tastings, charcuterie boards and small bites. Lemme tell you; they are doing a great job! Vast selections of fine crafted beers from breweries you never heard of……………no Coors here! Scotch, Vodka, Mescal, Gin, Bourbon, and other types, from labels you dont know……my head is spinning!  OMG!  I cannot forget the wine, from all over the globe and a great $10 or less selection of great wines so you cannot loose whatever your budget.  Did you catch the hint?  I’m Talking about, Lush wine and spirits!


One of my favorite places has ben a place down the street from my front door all along!  They have been opening all over in Chicago and they do a great job, not just in the plethora of the varieties of eclectic and eccentric liquors they sell, but raising the bar and creating something different, promoting education of beer and wine, to include the fine art of charcuterie, becoming a recent addition…..This is the place for me to get away to and get some work done!

Charcuterie Tasting

Setting up shop to write my Bio on the corner of the bar, I felt like going outside the norm and go with beer!  With the wonderful help of the knowledgable staff I was beer in hand, a sampling of some Charcuterie, and bone marrow!  Well on my way I breezed through and got my bio done and didn’t even break a sweat…..I did get a buzz!

So to conclude….Lush is a great place to find a selection of great beer, wine, Liquors, charcuterie and snacks that are outside the norm or you comfort zone if you are an adventurous person! You Better be!!!!!

Bone Marrow

Kudos to Mitch, Rachel, Kelly, Cara and the rest of the team for doing the things that you do and keeping us all in Chicago LUSH’ES!

Thanks,  I got my Bio done!!!!!!!

Keep Eating……………..

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