How A Bachelor Cooks Dinner….

I remember the days of old when I was a bit younger and living alone for the first time.   I was stationed @ Fort Bragg, North Carolina in my 1st Army posting. Dinner use to consist of Cheddar Ramen with everyone’s favorite culinary tool the microwave; or what is also called in the culinary world “Chef Mike”. Let’s not forget the wonderful King Cobra 40 to go with.  Does this sound reminiscent of someone’ s college? Well to be a Soldier or college student means there isn’t much money to go out for a steak dinner, so you get by with what you got!

Fast forward to the future and (Hopefully) you can now start affording that nice steak dinner you always dreamed of. Well here it is!  I went to the store, after a long day of roaming around the Home and Housewares expo show and I was inspired.  Being around some top Chef’s like Emeril, Stephanie Izard, Morimoto and Paula Dean why wouldn’t I be!  So here is what I came up with…………………………………………….Enjoy!!!

Pan Seared Prosciutto wrapped Rib-eye with Cranberry reduction, Wild Zahatar Rice and Arugula salad with Lemon Vinaigrette topped with a Tomato Segment

Don’t Forget the wine!   Ciao!

4 thoughts on “How A Bachelor Cooks Dinner….

  1. oooh yes. but sometimes we got lazy too…. using the micro was to much work…. Delivery…. and so went the last dollar you had….to drunk to operate mechenary…Pizza… now adays we are more concerned with health and with what we put in our bodies…. we also make more money… thank god…the plate looks amazing…would love to have some…..

  2. Good traveling to you cowboy! Travel, eat, and catch all the sunsets around the world. Loving it and very jealous of you riding into the sunset. I want pictures of food and ladies! Life is good

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