New Beginnings “A Blog and a change in life”

I guess there comes a time in one’s life to make changes and start new things.  I have finally made a decision that will change my life forever.  I find myself here 1am starting a BLOG, never have I even thought of doing this and never have I even read a BLOG.  LOL! I have a little tweaking and wrenching to design it the way I want so bare with me I will be getting to my point as to why even start a BLOG in the first place!
Just read the title of my BLOG to get you started, and let your imagination run wild.

4 thoughts on “New Beginnings “A Blog and a change in life”

  1. Hello John!!!

    Wish you the best in your Travels!! I will check back periodically to check up on your travels.

    Love You!!

  2. John!!!!

    Looks Great!!! Will check back to see what you post.

    Uncle Jeffr (and family) in Arizona

  3. Hi John,

    Heard about your upcoming travels from your Dad, and Nanc. I hope you have a wonderful adventure! I can’t wait to hear all about your travels. Take care. Talk to you soon!

    Love, Teresa & family

  4. You will do great because you believe in the goals you set forth.. I know that because when you want something you don’t hesitate to go for it… May all your dreams come true my friend…

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